Re: Building the new Owl Mountain flat car

Allen Montgomery

Congrats dude!!!
The demos look great. Did you do the weathering? I'm so happy for you that you are getting a nice product line together.When and at what price are the narrow lumber loads coming out?
Here at the WDHS, we are taking the first steps to self sufficiency. One of the ways I think we should go is to offer up some of the buildings and scenery stuff that we have created on our own. Lenny has been busy converting blueprints I got from the American Heritage Center up in Laramie into laser cut kits and possibly 3D. In fact, the two of us are leaving on Monday for another research trip to the area. I've run the cost analysis for custom colors of ground foam and it shouldn't be a problem to offer a wide range of western foliage that can't be found anywhere else.
Maybe we should talk about a cross promo thing for the future. Anwho, I'm stoked for ya bud.
Put me down for a flatcar. I want to try it out.
Nothin but love,

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1. The Steps are brass castings, as are the brake wheel and roping staples.

2. Complete Roster is reposted at

Advanced reservations are closing Friday, Sept 15, 2017.  Public release will follow our filling of the advanced reservation orders.

Jason Hill
OwlMtModels, LLC

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Two questions Tony

1.) are the Sill Steps plastic or metal?

2.) Did the TN&O own any of these?

Bill Welch

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