Confirmation of 3 Orders of 50-ton AAR Emergency Flat Cars

Ed Hawkins

For a 1/4”-scale (proto-48) model project currently underway, request your help to confirm 3 series of 53’-6”, 50-ton, AAR flat cars as being built with wood stringers (emergency design) vs. the standard design using 4” steel Z stringers.

1. C&O 80625-80724, Ralston Steel Car Co., ordered 8-43, built 5-44.
2. D&RGW 22000-22199, Mount Vernon Car Mfg. Co., ordered 4-43, built 12-43 to 2-44.
3. EJ&E 6375-6574, Ralston Steel Car Co., ordered 12-41, built ca. 1943 (am yet to locate a photo with a readable build date).

Based on the order and build dates it’s likely these cars received wood stringers, however, searches for drawings & other technical data including the C&O H.S. have come up empty. Railroad diagrams for C&O and D&RGW do not specify, and I’ve not located a diagram for the EJ&E cars. Data from Railway Age annual order lists can be used as a general guide, and I have verified that the “composite” design sometimes designated in these lists has been proven to be less than 100% reliable since timing of when the cars were ordered & built was an important factor.

Byron Rose, who 20 years ago produced urethane HO models of emergency 50-ton AAR flat cars (Pittsburgh Scale Models) could not confirm, but he also believes they were likely built to the emergency design.

Request confirmation documented with original-source information of these cars such as a builder drawing or equivalent railroad drawings or bill of materials. Thank you.
Ed Hawkins

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