Several nice views

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi List members,

Nice view of GB&W 6202

Nice view of several boxcars, including IC and GN. The GN (trussrod) car seems to have a entirely discernable sag. Were we not discussing this topic on this list recently?

Fruits and vegetables at terminal. Pittsburgh, PA. Note the early PRR container flat (class FM) and what appears to be a PRR class X29 boxcar next to it - not what you expect to see at the fruits and vegetables at terminal!

Good view of tank car loading platform

ACL 91562 gondola

Stock cars Radford, Virginia - cannot discern road name

Iron ore at Great Northern Railroad yards. Superior, Wisconsin

COSX 1021 tank car

Loading seventy ton cars with iron ore. Mahoning pit, Hibbing, Minnesota

Clinchfield hopper and CP box sulphur loading

COSX 3565 and friends

Claus Schlund

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