Careful with the captions

John Barry

While generally correct, sometimes you have to take the OWI captions on the LOC collection with a grain of salt.  Case in point is the following:

While I believe that the date, and other info is correct, and the refinery may even produce AVGAS, I don't think that is the product flowing into this tank car.  Last time I checked, AVGAS was a liquid and shipped in AAR class TM or TMI tanks with expansion domes.  The liquid fuel did (and still does in future times like now) expand and contract with the ambient temperature.  What I see in this photo though is some kind of transfer to or from a pressurized tank where the worked is manipulating the valves protected by a "bonnet".  Note the small diameter of the "dome" and its flanged construction.  Then there is the the hardware on the hoses connecting to the tank, the one has a round dial that looks like a pressure gauge, not something that you would see on a liquid transfer at atmospheric pressure.  

Hyperbole for the war effort aside, it's still a great shot of WWII railroading, as are the other photos in the collection.
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