Re: ATSF TK-N, TK-O Tank cars by ALM

David Turner


I'm interested in the new tank cars from American Limited Models for one of the "other" railroads that ordered welded 16K cars from GATC in 1949.

The SP&S 38600-38619 cars were 95" diameter, 44' 7 3/8" long over tank ends, 47' 11 3/4" long over buffers, and had 68 3/8" diameter dome.

Not having the ATSF research materials in hand, can anyone tell me if the TK-N and TK-O cars match these same dimensions?

Are the ALM cars the correct size, and if not, what are their dimensions?

Thank you for any assistance.

David Turner

Keeping the S. P. & S. Ry. alive in Santa Rosa, California

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