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Guy Wilber

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<< If I remember correctly, the ORER does not list truck styles. Is there any
other periodically published reference that does so for most or all

Beginning in 1936 the AAR published (yearly) the list of approved bolsters
and side frames.

<<Was there a standardized tag for "DO NOT LOAD" used during the Jan - June,
1940 recovery period?>>

I would presume cars properly tagged would have been marked 'DO NOT LOAD' and
carded 'Home For Repairs'. I have seen no evidence of special orders for
marking cars still equipped with arch bars. Considering it was a six month
period -- I tend to believe that there were plenty of instances where cars
still equipped with arch bars were loaded, though hauling roads would have
had the option to refuse them. If so, the road allowing the car to be loaded
would have been accountable for all costs incurred to transfer the load to a
suitable car.

<<Were arch bars, etc. ever banned from non-interchange service (e.g.,
cabooses) prior to creation of the FRA? >>

Not that I am aware of.


Guy Wilber
Sparks, Nevada

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