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John Barry

The best?  Its that great adult undergarment, Depends.  Do you like clinics, fellowship, viewing models, vendors, door prizes?  Each RPM has its own character.  My first was the Bay Area meet in Richmond, CA in June 2014.  I moved to DC that September and haven't been able to return.  But, I have been to Cocoa Beach three times and I will keep coming back as well as to RPM East and Valley Forge in Pennsylvania.  The Mid-Atlantic RPM is local for me and I attend when I don't mess up my calendar.  I will be attending Chicagoland this year and presenting a clinic.  I go for the people and the clinics.  The vendors and the models are a very nice bonus.
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I’ve consistently attended the RPM Valley Forge (Philly) and RPM-East (Pittsburgh) events. I tie in visits with western PA/WV family in conjunction with the travel. Each event has strong slates of presentations with many modelers attending from neighboring states. 

I’m set to attend the upcoming Chicagoland event. It will be my third time attending and I’ve enjoyed each. Someday I hope to attend the Cocoa Beach and St Louis events. I now live closer to both. 

Eric Hansmann
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Clinics, not model displays, are what draw me to meets, and I try to attend at least one a year. For me Cocoa Beach is first, with Chicagoland a close second. Summer meets like St. Louis are out as that's when we travel, and when not doing that we have our local summer concert series. Cocoa Beach provides a nice break right after the holidays, plus it's Florida in the winter Those of us who live in northern climes appreciate the Florida weather in January, even if the locals find it cold.

I almost always present a clinic. Not because I think the world is waiting breathlessly for what I have to say, but because, as a tech person, I'm not particularly gregarious or socially gifted, and it's a way of getting feedback on what I'm doing. I could never go up to 30 strangers, individually, and ask their opinions of my work, but if they're an audience the information flows very freely - both ways. Plus I tend to work at the fringes of our hobby's technology and need the feedback lest my enthusiasm get me into areas that are challenging but not particularly useful.

Can't do Chicagoland this year as there's no time to put together a clinic and get all the casting done for two new Resin Car Works tank car kits. Planning on Cocoa Beach but there's been no call for clinicians yet, or else I've worn out my welcome.

Tom Madden

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