Re: [EXTERNAL] MILW 67053 200-ton 4-truck flat car

Gatwood, Elden J SAD

That IS a great photo. I just love flat cars in general, but the oddballs even more.

I don't know the details, but MILW had a nice (small) fleet of HD flats, including those nice cast steel GSC 4-trucks flats. Very like the PRR F34's.

Thanks for sharing!

Elden Gatwood

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This is a fascinating photo - I'm guessing circa 1940, with the heavy duty
flat car pressed into service to carry large timbers. But clearly the car is
very overqualified for this duty. Those hills in the background and the Harriman
cars give me the feeling this could be San Luis Obispo, California, on the
Coast Line. And that SP B-50-19 box car... is that a Klasing brake wheel??

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Tim O'Connor

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