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Bryian Sones

Makes sense Tim. If I know I have the correct truck I usually find a another truck with a similar journal door and shave them off and add them on to the trucks I'm going to use.

Bryian Sones
Union Pacific Prototype Modeler
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Ah, journal box doors! One of those separate detail parts we'll never get.
The problem is that they were sold SEPARATELY and railroads could order them
from any number of manufacturers. Therefore even though Brian's #109/#209 are
the correct style of truck for the B-50-17, the doors may not be an exact match.
I'm so used to having trucks with the wrong doors that I hardly pay attention to
it any more. It's just one of those things.

Tim O'Connor

Brian you may be right. I agree there are some strong similarities with the (Tahoe) Barber Lateral Motion Truck. There are two photos on the Sunshine data sheets for the U.P B-50-17 Rebuilt. The first one being U.P. 181669, Columbus NE, Jan 1967, Frank Peacock and the second being U.P. No. 180800 Grand Island NE Aug 1966 Frank Peacock. I looked at the (Tahoe) Barber Lateral Motion Truck first. My conscern with it in relation to the photo is the journal doors appear to me to be slightly different. More like the s-1. Also the side frame openings in the prototype photo don't appear to be formed inward near the spring housing. The frame opening resembles the s-1 in that case too. However my interoperation of the opening could be due to the angle of the shot. Photo 2  side frames do seem to match the  (Tahoe) Barber Lateral Motion Truck but I still think the journal doors are different. Ted Culotta did the masters for the sunshine car.  He is pretty good with responding if you have questions. Arnold I would shoot him an email too. Though I think what Brian is indicating is correct there just seems to be some slight diiffernces in Tahoe truck and the photo.

Bryian Sones
Union Pacific Prototype Modeler
Murrieta CA

The Union Pacific B-50-17 rebuilt boxcars rode on trucks with cast steel side frames with Barber Lateral Motion Devises.  Photos of these boxcars in Ted Culotta's Essential Freight Cars article #13, June 2004 RMC show a variety of side frame shapes.  One of these is accurately modeled by Tahoe Model Works' TMW-109/209 Barber Lateral Motion 50-Ton Truck.

These can be seen at

These are also accurate trucks for Owl Mountain Models' new SP F-50-10 and F-50-12 flat cars, OMM #2003 and #2005.

I have seen no photos of UP B-50-17 cars on Barber S-1-L trucks.

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV

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