Re: SCCX Tank Car Movements (was More reefer chat)

Richard Hendrickson

Shawn Beckert writes:

In his very informative post this morning, Chet French
mentioned, among other items,

...a steady stream of mty SCCX tank cars along with
some GATX and SHPX moving from Sewaren, NJ to Martinez,
SCCX tank cars belonged to the Shell companies, though I
disremember whether SCCX reporting marks were for Shell Oil
or the Shell Chemical Division. Martinez, California was the
site of their very large refinery and chemical plant.
I also found this piece of information interesting, and somewhat
surprising. SCCX cars were operated by Shell of California (Shell Chemical
cars bore SCMX reporting marks) and normally didn't stray beyond the
western states, so something unusual seems to have been reflected by the
movement Chet reports.
At one time, Shell's Eastern affiliate had their own tank car fleet under
SEPX reporting marks, but these were merged into the midwest Shell (Roxana
Petroleum) RPX fleet during WW II. Midwest Shell then got out of the tank
car business in the early '50s, divesting themselves of more than 3,000
tank cars in the process (it would be interesting to know where those cars
went - they didn't go to Shell of Calif., whose fleet size remained more or
less constant at 600-700 cars. My guess would be that they were sold to,
and leased back from, General American but I'm not aware of any direct
evidence for this.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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