Re: Open Hopper Turned Covered Hopper?

James McDonald

HI Garth,

That’s a very good suggestion, but in 1930 there were apparently still 100 of the RFP 3401 cars rostered, while there were simultaneously 80 of the RFP 3506-3590 series so it doesn’t look like the 3401 series were the donor cars.

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5a. Re: Open Hopper Turned Covered Hopper?
Posted by: "Garth Groff" ggg9y
Date: Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:02 pm ((PDT))


Very interesting data. Thank you.

You say that the 1922 and 1923 cars were rebodied. Despite the change in king pin distance (either of which could have been in error, or fudged just like the capacities), could the later cars have been rebuilds of the original second-hand cars? Consider there were 105 of the 3401 series. Remove 85 cars for rebuilding, and you have just 20 left. There were 18 of the 3401 series in 1954 and 16 in 1958. That’s pretty close, and a bit suspicious.

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