Re: NYC Steel Gondola photo (Steam Loco Hulk)

Jeffrey White

If you model the steam or transition era, a load of scrap that comes from steam locomotives is prototypical.  I have a photo of an IC gondola that was cut down to a low side gon and is lettered for scrap service to one of the big roundhouses (Markham IIRC) I've got a gondola load of steam loco scrap, I never imagined it would offend anyone......

Jeff White

Alma, IL

On 9/30/2017 1:28 PM, thecitrusbelt@... [STMFC] wrote:

Yes, I know people who are offended by what they perceive is a desecration of any steam locomotive, but when it comes to a gondola scrap load, "parts is parts".


Just no cut-up diesels, please.


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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