Re: Recommendations on Blasting Media and Gloves

Bruce Smith


The gloves have been covered (harbor freight).  I have used both baking soda (bulk bags, Sam's Club) and Aluminum Oxide grit. The baking soda is much safer to use (the AlO2 dust is baaaad to breath... use a mask in addition to the booths).  You can also dispose of it on your lawn if you need to alkalinize it (as I do!).  However, baking soda is far less able to remove things like paint, although it works just fine to prep resin and brass surfaces for paint.



Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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Hi All,

I need to do some heavy maintenance on my old North Coast sandblasting booth.  I need new gloves for it.  Can anyone recommend good gloves and an online place to get them?  Also, what blasting media is recommended for plastic and resin models?

Thanks so much,

John Golden
Albersbach, DE

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