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Dennis Storzek

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How much would a 33-inch freight car wheel weigh, both new and worn, on average? I appreciate allowances need to be made for wheel style, manufacturer and era, but let's say an "average" wheel in the steam-diesel transition era.


I recall seeing a figure of 800 pounds in the distant past, but I have no idea if that is accurate.


The reason I ask is to settle a debate about how many wheels could be carried in a freight car with a fifty ton capacity.




Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA


I'm a little surprised that the MCB drawings someone linked to the other day don't include the weight of the various wheels, but they don't. However, as far as cast iron wheels are concerned, I recall different capacity wheels being referred toin the trade press by weight; 750# wheels, 800# wheels, etc. I would assume that wrought steel wheels of equal size are essentially the same.

Now, did you mean loose wheels, or wheelsets? I had to look into this a number of years ago to estimate a transit weight for a car in preservation, and as I recall, one car axle weighted about the same as one wheel, so a wheelset, two wheels and an axle, was just over 2000#, or one ton.

Dennis Storzek

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