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Charlie Vlk

Probably staged???
Looks to me that the head end (smoker end of the train) is behind the brakeman's back.  Of course, turned around properly, the light would have been "wrong"!!
Hope the fireman was aware of the photo session and didn't pass the highball on to the engineer....there would be soldiers all over the place!
Charlie Vlk

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My bet is that the whole scene was just staged for the camera including the "highball"

Jim Pickett

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I wonder the odds of that sentry still standing like that when the slack runs out.
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What are the odds of a Life photographer capturing one of the Virginian's 15 50' flat cars loaded with military equipment in Louisiana?  I don't think he chose that car for it's rarity, rather the action of the KCS trainman giving the highball in front of the 77th Division sentry.

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