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On correction to what Jim posted. Putting my official hat on.  We, the NKPHTS, are the custodian of Howard's entire collection under the terms of a 2004 trust agreement.  Official hat off. 

Brian J. Carlson 

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Sad to read this.  I traded FEC and SCL slides with Howard in exchange for N&W subjects when I was a teen in Ft. Lauderdale in the 1970s and he was still delivering mail in Fremont OH.  After I moved to NC for college, he “connected the dots” by introducing me to, now-TRAINS-Editor, Jim Wrinn and we’ve been great friends ever since.


Howard’s health had been declining steadily following his move to the west coast of FL with wife Dottie after retiring from USPS.  We exchanged several phone calls and emails but had no contact in the past few years.  I think his extensive slide and negative collection went to a college around Cleveland (not 100% sure on this, just working from memory) except for NKP-related stuff that was to go to the NKPT&HS where he was charter member number 4, or so his correspondence with me stated.  Perusing his printed catalogs in the 80s was always a treat for me.


RIP, buddy.


Jim King

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