Re: Low side gons

Tim O'Connor

Yes, but I don't know when they appeared on the roster. I have a photo of
N&W 247728, a 41 foot IL gondola, class G-14. It has a REBUILD stencil but
the date is obscured. Another class, G-55 had more typical interior height
and also is 41 foot IL. These may both be post-STMFC era.

Tim O'Connor

None I can find. The 1937 G1 class was the first lowside gons but they were 46'.
You could double check but I didn't see any.
Jeff Coleman

 Did the N&W or Virginian have 40 foot low side gondolas?�  I'm aware of 46 foot gons,
 but unsure on 40 foot. Thanks, George Courtney

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