Re: Box Car Crack Filler For Grain Transport


   I had mentioned the following before, perhaps not on this list.
Seafood shipping is where refrigerators went to die, not unlike hide cars in the same manner.

    I have a copy of a letter (somewhere in the pile of research data spread about the house) that an officer of the (my studied) railroad stated "refrigerator cars, once used for the shipment of fish, are unsuitable for any other commodity". Not unlike the fish impregnated Styrofoam coolers that people state innocently "Oh, I've got a cooler you can have, for free". 
   How did my railroad keep this usage in check? A number series sufficient to handle said fish trade was transferred out of general (reefer) usage and into the fish/seafood trade.


I need to find my file on a product with brochure not unlike what Michael posted that was sprayed in boxcars/other railroad car interiors to bring this string back on track (no pun intended) as it seems to be veering a bit off the subject line.  Not that I as a person of German heritage, I dislike the discussion of beer.                                                                                                                                        Jim Dick                                      

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