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Pierre Oliver

I've never been a fan of WD-40, it's lubricating properties fade away quickly.
A wipe with light oil will do the trick, or wax.
the worst offender on your steel tools is your finger oils. And here's a trick from my gunsmithing days, get a really high polish on the steel and keep wiping it after every time you touch it.

Pierre Oliver
On 10/08/17 6:44 PM, 'Schuyler Larrabee' schuyler.larrabee@... [STMFC] wrote:


Thanks Dick.

I was thinking about this after I posted the
question below, Dick, and remembered (finally)
that I attended an artifact preservation clinic at
Seashore Trolley Museum, given by a man from the
Smithsonian Institution. He recommended WD-40
too, but then, wiping the object down, letting it
dry a while and then applying Butcher's Wax as a
protective coat.

I have applied WD-40 to a number of my tools,
including, unfortunately, one of the items in
question. Apparently good but not sufficient?

Any thoughts from the rest of you on this?


Schuyler Larrabee asks, "What's the best way to
protect these tools from rust?"

WD-40. "Drives out moisture."
Wipe/spray a wet layer and allow to evaporate.

Dick Harley
Laguna Beach, CA




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