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I keep rust off my arrow points by wiping them regularly with a very light coating of  Weiman’s furniture oil applied on a paper towel.

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Hi all,


In the course of building Steam Era Freight Car Models (got that over with) I have used a variety of metal tools, many of them steel.  One of them is a treasured (inherited from my grandfather) Brown & Sharpe 4” adjustable square, along the lines of what some would call a carpenter’s square.  It’s been on my desk for a week or so without being used (which is unusual – I’ve been away) and the other night I picked it up and turned it over to find that the underside of the rule was rusty.  Aaaagh!


And I just picked up my sprue nippers (good ones, Utica Swiss) and they too are rusty at the snipping end.


Now I was able to clean up the square with 2000-grit sandpaper but the nippers are more complicated to do (and sharp, by the way!), but I can probably get them cleaned up.  They still cut just fine . . . so far . . . but I’m concerned that if this keeps up they’ll lose some of that edge.


What’s the best way to protect these tools from rust?


I will begin keeping them in a box with desiccant, but that’s cumbersome and likely to be forgotten in the late evenings when I give in to the need for sleep.


Better methods?




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