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Bruce Smith

​And I will add that I have used this particular paint many times with success and really like the way it both sprays and levels out when it goes on.



Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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Bruce Smith wrote:

A few months back, we had a conversation about painting and some of y'all indicated that you wouldn't paint with a spray can (aka "bomb").  I have uploaded 3 photos of my latest project, an LCVP loaded on a ACL flat car.  These will be available as soon as the moderators approve them.  The car was painted with a can of Model Master Acryl flat black.

          I think it's important that we recognize differences in spray cans. The cheap ones, or cheaply-made ones which aren't cheap to buy, such as the Testors products, are quite prone to spitting out a "blort" of paint at just the worst time. Better made spray cans, such as Tamiya, don't do that and have a finer spray cone. 
           I have no problem spraying a model with a GOOD spray can, while I wouldn't think of doing so with a crummy one. I have no doubt that Bruce understands this perfectly.

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