Re: Tool maintenance


Schuyler - I have been happy for many years with Starrett M-1 lubricant for prevention of rust on calipers, parallels, rules, and other tooling.   In addition to being a lubricant, it also has a component that inhibits rust.  The lubricant portion is comprised of hydrotreated light petroleum distillates which evaporate shortly after application.  An almost undetectable residual rust-inhibiting film is left on the surface.  Years ago, this film may have included whale oil!!  I have also used it on drill presses, milling machine and pantograph tables, lathe beds, bending brake tooling, shears and any other machined surface subject to rusting in my unheated garage. It is a very light oil suitable for use on precision instruments, and is not a lubricant for bearings, etc.  It can usually be obtained at a local machinery dealer - very expensive to order directly from Starrett because you have to purchase a lot of it!

A.T. Kott

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