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If LTRR got used cars, they got them before 1945.  The kit instructions show how many cars survived in 53 and later, but is silent on the initial acquisition dates beyond a vague "in the 30's . . ."  The Jan 45 ORER clearly shows 200 LTRR cars, the only cars used in interchange service.  The 1945 photo on the WW2 Radio Facebook page shows two LTRR cars on the Santa Fe loaded with some impressive crates.
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The prototype for the F&C USS "steel mill" gon was bought in good numbers for the URR and McKeesport Connecting. On the former they were used in tough steel mill hauling service, getting overloaded, burnt by hot slab, and other tough usage until getting cascaded to LT and others in the fifties. USS rebuilt cars over and over again, but this one was just not durable enough for the URR. The latter were mostly used in tube service out of USS' National Tube Works in McKeesport, PA, and as such were not abused as much as the URR cars. They were seen wherever tube went across the country. F&C did a really nice job on their kit, but could use additional lettering schemes if folks sent decent photos for assistance.

Elden Gatwood

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I own the Jim Sands slide in question. The dimensional data is visible on the slide, though very faint. The gon is heavily rusted, almost like it had a fire inside. The visible data is down low, below the gon floor. Three panels have been painted, and contain the reporting marks, ACI color panel, and owner logo. There is also a patch painted black that contains dimensions next to the man leaning against the car.

Doug Harding

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