Re: pics of upgraded ATLAS 70ton hart ballast car?


Ben Hom writes:


“Johannes Markwart asked:

"I have two HO ATLAS 70ton hart ballast cars I want to complete before giving them away for weathering. I have searched and found a lot of postings mentioning their main flaws - the missing center sill and bolsters - but I did not find photos of such work. Maybe the postings are too old and the pics gone? Does anyone have a pic of an upgraded model for me? I don't intend to make the cars 99%ers, just want to add the center sill and bolsters."


IIRC, Mike Brock detailed these upgrades in Prototype Railroad Modeling Vol 1 from Speedwitch Media.  It's out of print, but another list member might be able to pull it to check before I get home from the office today.


That is the source of the article I wrote on modifying the Atlas 70 ton  ballast car [ HK-70-1 ]…”A Tale of Two Hoppers” which also includes the modifications to the Marklin version of the UP H-70-1 70 ton UP 3 bay hopper car. The H-70-1 is an important car also for UP modelers and I was amazed when Marklin produced these rather rare cars [ I’m not sure if Trix “fixed” the problem with these models when and if they produced them ]. NP is the only RR I know with similar cars ].


The problem with the H-70-1 is very different from that with the HK-70-1. The coupler looks like it should be taken to an open window on a clear night and thrown  toward the Andromeda Galaxy from where it no doubt came. Also the area above the coupler is a solid plastic sheet on the model which needs to be replaced by L shaped beams in an “open” space..


When I find photos I’ll send them to any interested parties.


Mike Brock



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