Re: pics of upgraded ATLAS 70ton hart ballast car?


Trix did not fix the problem.   I have a string of 12 cars, mostly Marklin and a few Trix, and they all have solid plates where there should be open air.   I did not change these, but mounted Kadee coupler boxes to the plates and let it go.   I added uncoupling levers and changed the numbers.   After weathering, the train looks good.   I also did this to one NP car since, 1) my LHS had one and 2) NP had these cars.   I also do not know if any other road bought these, but they are correct for UP and NP.   Marklin/Trix has, of course, painted these for NYC, among others, but I am sure these are foobies.

As for the Atlas cars, the early runs had gaps between the coupler boxes and the bolsters, which looked pretty bad.  Later runs had this problem fixed.  If you have the early models, it is still a reasonably easy fix--just cut some styrene to fit.

Steve Kay

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