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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the tip. I have a good number of decals and rivets to lay down in my future.

— Bill

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I tried this (they recommend floating them in Future) on a car I scratch built, but was not successful. There was too much “float” to get the rivets where I wanted them. Instead I gloss coated the car and laid the decals down like any other decal. One thing I learned was not to cut a strip of rivet decals too thin. Thin strips break. If you want to lay down a straight line of rivets in one piece, don’t go any narrower than 1/16.”



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Yes it sounds like he is using the Future as an adh esive.

For regular decals I am inclined to let the Future dry first,
to make a glossy surface for the decals.

You can always go OVER the Archer rivets with a little Future
to help keep them in place.

WRT Archer Decals, I think part of the benefit is
that they are then truly adhered to the model.  No
accidental flicking them off.  The video I
watched, some guy working on some Star Wars model,
was using a decal that must have been much thicker
and more durable than most model RR decals, as he
was kind of scrubbing it and pushing it into
recesses before finally using some Solvaset on it.
He emphasized kind of squeegee-ing out as much
Future from under the decal as possible.  OTOH, he
rather slathered it on before applying the decals,
so much so that he wiped it off with a paper towel
so it wouldn't dry as a lumpy surface!

I was not impressed with his technique!

I think if I were to try this with a RR decal, it
would be a very thin painted-on "puddle" of
Future, and using decals I am pretty sure are


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