Re: Help needed with Sunshine Kits for B&O P-11 (30.10) & C&O 5400 Series Car with Deco ends,Creco Doors and Viking Roof (18.2)

John Barry


It was similar.  The numbers of the top 300 North American Flat Car owners listed in the Jan 45 ORER were:

CN 5047
PRR 5023
SP 4968
CP 4133
CNW 3852
MILW 3585
UP 3243
GN 2824
ATSF 2651
NYC 2384
NP 2028
SR 1671
RI 1642
CB&Q 1582
B&O 1231
ACL 1207
IC 1196
T&NO 1080
SBD 958
EJ&E 905
L&N 866
MP 799
N de M 747
SLSF 719
SOO 581
AC 537
WP 489
C&O 468
PM 468
BAR 460

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We've talked about these types of movements a few times.  In general, if you are modeling any time past mid 1943, combined equipment and troop movements were very rare as the depot system had been established and training camps were equipped with vehicles that remained there.  Troops typically met their assigned equipment on the transport ship or in an overseas depot.

We've also talked extensively about the flat car fleet.  Because these cars were in such demand, all routing requirements were canceled so they essentially acted as a national pool of cars.  In 1951, the top US owners of flat cars were (this is close to the WWII numbers):
SP                   5448   
CNW               3412   
PRR                2952   
MILW             2904   
UP                   2857   
GN                  2368   
ATSF              2180   
NP                   1869   
IC                    1520   
SOU                1474   
NYC               1356   
CBQ                1341   
RI                    1250   
LN                   1162   
EJE                 902                 
MP                 794                 
ACL               738                 
SAL               581     
SOO               548     
SLSF               473      ​

I would absolutely suggest adding the new Owl Mountain kit for some of those SP cars.

Also, please note that equipment needs to be assigned to appropriate capacity cars.  For example, two M4 medium (Sherman) tanks would exceed the capacity of a 50 ton car and so you would expect to see those loads on a 70 ton car.

When thinking about joint movements, think about the number of men per vehicle versus the number per passenger car.  For examples, a typical M4 medium crew was 5 men. So eight M4s would require 40 men, which was just about the capacity of one tourist sleeper or troop sleeper (39) giving you a ratio of 4 flats of Shermans per passenger car.

Bruce Smith
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Your point is well taken, from my initial research I will need approximately 23 flat cars( along with 6 coaches and 3 box/baggage cars)  I will be using  many Proto 2000 ARA flats cars to represent other road names. The Proto kits are nice because they are accurate and easy to assemble and they are also Available RTR. For ATSF prototypes of early WWII, Sunshine is the only game in town. Hence I try take good opportunity to acquire the Sunshine kits. But to your point I probably have enough ATSF Flat cars to model the MAIN consist 

Thanks for the helpful comments 


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You might want a mixture of railroad owned flats in your main train.  When it came time to move equipment the military needed it right now so the railroads would send what ever they had close by.
Paul C. Koehler

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Good morning everyone,
I have had the good fortune of acquiring two Sunshine Kits (kit numbers 30.10 and 18.2) unfortunately when I opened the boxes I found both kits were missing the instructions. if anyone has a set of the instructions I would certainly appreciate a scan copy of the instructions.
On a related note, I will be using these kits to complete a consist of a WWII ATSF MAIN Train. The Warbonnet Magazine had published an article describing these movements so I am very interested in Sunshine ATSF Flat cars ( I have acquired 11 ATSF kits so far)
I am willing to trade either the B&O P 11 Flat Car or the C&O Box car for a Sunshine ATSF Flat car.
Please contact me off list  josiahrr at yahoo
Jesus Peña
Concord, CA

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