Re: N scale SFRC RR-71

Tim O'Connor

John, the Rr-71 had ASYMMETRIC sides - the number of ribs is not
the same on both sides.

Some question about the N scale model being a copy of the Walthers - well it is not.

The RR-71 N scale model had the correct rib count on the side

The door on the N scale model appears correct in style and width

The roof on the N scale model matches the diagonal panel roof on the RR-71

The only problem with the N scale model is the length is advertised as 51' and the RR-71 length over end sills is 52' 4"

So in my opinion the N scale RR-71 looks to be a good representation of the as built SFRC RR-71 in 1962

John B. Moore, Jr.

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