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One other item. 

The periods after each letter starting in 1902 was discontinued in the 1943-44 period.  So S.F.R.D. became SFRD

John B. Moore, Jr.

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Exactly what I did want, thanks!


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The reporting marks SFRD started in 1902 when the Santa FE Refrigerator Line was combined into a new Santa Fe Refrigerator Dispatch company.

In 1918 the USRA ruled that the Santa Fe Refrigerator Dispatch would cease to exist. The Santa Fe reorganized the dispatch company as a department of the railroad and the same reporting marks were used.

So SFRD was used from 1902 to the end of ice activated refrigerator service (which is past the 1960 dead line for this group)

Probably more than you wanted.

John B. Moore, Jr.


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