Tim O'Connor

I already offered to send the DW parts to Bill, but if he prefers
Terry's parts that's ok too. They are very similar to each other with
only a tiny difference in height and thickness. For all I know Terry
may have done the tooling for the DW parts! I'm pretty sure he did the
replacement 4/5 and 5/5 ends for Athearn box cars which were very nice

Tim O'Connor

I have not done the fitting, counting ribs and comparison checks, but what is the possibility that the ends Terry Wegmann made for his PFE R-30-18 flat kit being useful for this application? Bill, I could bring a pair of these ends to next week's S-o-N meet for your consideration, as I have quite a few to spare.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Ted Culotta's latest release of the Prototype Modeler publication is in my opinion the best yet. This is probably based on the fact that three articles in this edition pertain to cars on my roster. Regretfully two of these are already completedcars which now need a few upgrades. The third is one that I had not even thought of prior to this edition. That is the PFE R-40-14 refer..Unfortunatley this also poses a problem. The ends that Ted used (Details West #1001 Dreadnaught 4-4 ends with rounded corners) do not seem to be available. Does anyone possibly have a set in their stash that they would be willoing to part with?

Thanks for any help and I will be looking forward to seeing everyone in Naper ville next week:

Bill Pardie

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