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Dave Sarther

Tony and Dennis,
Thanks for your replies.  Tony, I will look on line for that issue of MRH.  Now it is time for a bit of Sunday night football.
Later,  Dave S   Tucson, AZ

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Another detail I saw for the first time in a photo is why a poling pocket is so difficult to add to a freight car model.  The pocket extends out a bit proud from the side of the car and has a tapered end disappearing into the sill. Prior to this I was modeling the poling pocket by using a sliver of styrene tubing on the car end.  No more!
Yeah, but that is a pretty unusual design poling pocket, part of a combined corner casting and jacking pad. Most poling pockets are forgings, and do look like an angled slice of styrene tube, so longas the slice tapers to nothing so th e outer quadrant of the circle is open.
Now for a few questions. 
     What is the slightly raised bracket or pocket along the sill near the jack pole resting on the car side?
That's the route card tack board; a piece of wood captured by two sunstancial steel end caps so it isn't likely to fall off, even if hit by something.
     Would one car man have been able to make the repair of a flat wheel or bad axle as shown here?
Nothing really says he is working alone, we just can't see his helper. Before the truck is rolled out, the brake rod needs to be disconnected, which may be what he is doing... or Delano posed him there to add human interest to the picture.

Dennis Storzek

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