Re: Freight Car Repair Scene: Some Follow-Up

Dave Sarther

As usual the CNWHS Modeler has some pertinent info about modeling projects of interest based on historical info and photos in their current issue. The most current issue has a photo of a RIP scene using jacks under cars being repaired and a hoist used to move wheel sets around.
The article on RIP Tracks with a few interesting photos is of interest for me especially as it relates to the Delano photo we were discussing and a few follow-up questions I had that were answered by STMF members..  One photo featuring jacks being used as seen in the Delano photo is found on p.29 and another featuring a three legged hoist used to move wheel sets from a storage track to the RIP track is found on p. 34.
Enjoy,  Dave S.   Tucson, AZ

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