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Eric Hansmann

After thinking about this overnight, I realized there was an online source of info on the 1932 ARA box cars that calls out those cars with vertical staff hand brake wheels. Ed Hawkins has a spreadsheet of info on those 1932 ARA cars posted on the Steam Era Freight Cars web site that Ted started years ago. The Erie cars were the 76500-76999 series and built in August of 1934.

The other two Van Swearingen roads also had these cars with vertical staff hand brake wheels; C&O and NKP. Here's the direct link to the spreadsheet. Note there is a column for Brake Wheel with VS noting these type of cars.

I believe all of these cars were built with AB brake systems.

Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN

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At least one batch of ERIE steel-sheathed cars of the 1932 ARA Design has a vertical shaft hand brake wheel. IIRC, these cars were equipped with AB brake systems when new. 

Many Mather cars also had the Klasing hardware with a short vertical shaft and many of those cars had AB brake systems. 

Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN

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The two are not mutually exclusive.  Many thousands of cars with "stemwinder" (more correctly called vertical shaft) hand brakes were retrofitted with AB brakes (a few may even have been built with the combination). That would include vast numbers of PRR X29s, NYC "USRA" Steel cars and others such as this B&O M-26.  Thus the combination of a vertical shaft handbrake and AB brakes is actually quite common on the steam era.



Bruce Smith

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This photo, taken in 1960, shows a B&O boxcar with a vertical brake staff:




As K-brakes were banned in the early 1950s would it be safe to assume that this car had an AB brake system despite the "stem winder" brake staff?








Bob Chaparro


Hemet, CA



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