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I agree with everything in your post. Do it myself. Decaling is not a "one and done" operation. Modlers have to teach themselves how to do it. There are no short cuts and one has to take ones time to do it correctly. Tony Wagner

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I have used Tichy decals and use them for printing some of my OBS-CALS decals using my artwork.
Yeah, they do sorta resemble Braille on the sheet but they install nice and look good after setting and over coating. Weathering also helps.
But then most of what I’ve had them print were O or S scale sets. I have heard some HO or N scale user’s gripe a bit. I tried some on an HO ore car and they looked good.
I like them as they are very high resolution and opaque.
They apply like any other decals such as Microscale.
On the adhesive front, I can’t understand the reason for adding any adhesive. If the adhesive doesn’t work just use a setting solution. There are those who purposely dissolve off all the adhesive so there isn’t any to clean off. Then they apply some Microsoft “Micro Set,” (Blue Lettering) which is mild setting solution to the carside before dropping the adhesive less decal on it. It is possible to push the decal into place when doing this. After it has set apply some Microscale “Micro Sol” (red lettering) or Walthers Solvaset to set any spots that still need work.
But many model car guys don’t use setting solutions. Maybe some airplane and boat builders also. The only thing I may use besides setting solution is Microscale “liquid Decal Film” on real old or freshly printed decals to help prevent any flaking.
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I recently received one of the Tichy decals for a steam era box car. The ink has a texture to it like you see on business cards.
Have any of you seen this and have tried to apply it? If so what was the result?


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