Re: The UTLX X tankers

Steve and Barb Hile

UTLX did add 2000 6.5K gallon X-3 tank cars built by ACF in 1936, the first new 6.5K gallon cars since 1916-17.
Steve Hile

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One thing that hasn't been mentioned in this discussion is that in 1953/54 UTLX lost all their 6500 gal type V tankcars that they were disinclined to upgrade to AB brakes. It seems to me that these small ca[pacity cars were most useful in the bulk oil distributor market, where small dealers were inclined to order small quantities. I wonder if it was apparent at this time that the small dealer business was shrinking, making Union Tank Line less than interested in buying new small capacity cars.

Dennis Storzek

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