Livestock Car: NP 81280

Douglas Harding

Bob the Central Valley stockcar kit is for a Northern Pacific Stock Car from the 82750-83249 series, according to the NPHS website. This series was built in 1931-32 at the NP’s Como Shops using a standard NP design. Other similar cars included the 82500-82749 built in 1936 at the NP shops in Laurel, Montana. Series 83250-83499 built by Ryan Car in 1930.

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The car in the photo, #81280 is a car that was modernized by the NP in 1966, Work done included new safety appliances, removing roofwalks and cutting down ladders. Cars modernized were renumbered into the 81000 series.


The kit is still available

Its main flaw is that the body is too wide. Correct width cast resin ends are available


Doug  Harding


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Here is NP 81280 as seen in June 1973, which is fairly late in this car's life as well as the NP's livestock transportation era.


Is this car the prototype used for the Central Valley flat cast HO scale kit?


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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