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A&Y Dave in MD

Don told me at Timonium that it is an Epson printer marketed to sign makers with the one pass print head modified for decals. Not sure what modification was made.

It could be the resolution is fine but the ink is thicker or less pliable than ALPS particles or laser toner or silk-screened ink.

I have not had a chance to use them, but I have all-white lettering decals from them to test.

I really hope they will work well enough I can custom order the 8.5x11 sheet of A&Y decals I designed.  I cannot get dulux gold to come out nice enough for my satisfaction on my laser printer to print my own, sigh.

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That was my experience too with sets from Jerry Glow. But several people,
highly experienced and talented modelers, said they had real problems - So
maybe there was a bad batch, or a change of printers?

Tim O'Connor

Tim O'Connor wrote:

The WORD from several people at the Lisle RPM (Naperville) meet is that
TICHY decals are resistant to decal softeners and do NOT conform to model
rivets or weld seams or anything else.

Not sure why people are saying this. I have used several of the Tichy sets, and
they certainly conform to rivets, etc. with Solvaset.

Tony Thompson 

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