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A&Y Dave in MD

Cartograf is excellent but pricey due to minimum order size. Their yellows cannot be beat for quality though.

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How that could POSSIBLY help them settle down and conform to surfaces is a total mystery to my imagination!

I still have some CHAMP decal solution. And TAMIYA makes some extra strength decal solution. I will try those
two methods. Sanding and DIO-SOL will be a last resort. If none of that works, then into the trash they go!

What a shame. Ted Culotta and others mentioned an excellent printer - CARTOGRAPH - based in Italy. This is
where Ted is printing his decals, and if I ever create some artwork, that's where I will go too.

Tim O'Connor

FWIW, here is a copy of the paragraph sent to the Tichy email group back in August as part of a broader announcement of new products.
Due to the problems some of you are having with adhesion of logos and other large decal areas, we are changing our recommended application procedure. Float the decal off the backing paper and blot dry with a paper towel. Use a Q-Tip to apply a thin coat of Elmer's clear glue to the back side. Position the decal with tweezers and press in place with a piece of stiff flexible foam (foam from a brass model box works great). Let dry overnight and over spray with clear lacquer (glosscote or dullcote).
Steve Hile

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