Re: Tichy decals (was RE: Decal Adhesive)

Benjamin Scanlon

I have some of the Glow decals in TT which I'm now reluctant to use.  Bought them about a year before he ceased trading. 

I do not know if there's any way of identifying particular sets that have problems. 

Has anyone experimented with printed paper sides for boxcars or other stock?

Pluses would seem  to be lack of decal film and scale is largely irrelevant provided the artwork can be printed satisfactorily. 

Can see it being more use on cars with flat steel sides where rivets or weld lines are embossed from underneath.  (With careful positioning.) 

Downsides I experienced are that while you can laminate paper to styrene, you have to be  careful what you use to do it, as some inks don't like the solvent much and bleed. 

Be interested to hear any ideas tho, as this used to be fairly common practice a long time ago.  

I've seen some Australian models from the 'pre-decal era' which looked really good forty years later. 

Ben Scanlon

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