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Bob and Ben,

Well, they certainly didn't "catch on", but there were more examples around than just the GN and CP examples. Even the Northern Electric Railway (later the Sacramento Northern) had a few: .

There was also a craze for hopper-bottomed stock cars to also carry coal or coke, and an ATSF example is shown in illustrations 184-185 in the 1919 CAR BUILDER'S DICTIONARY. This is reproduced in Gregg's TRAIN SHED CYCLOPEDIA No. 36.

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On 11/1/17 1:30 PM, Benjamin Hom b.hom@... [STMFC] wrote:
Bob Chaparro asked:
"Here is a link to a brief photo article on a Canadian Pacific hopper bottom boxcar that appeared in the April 1921 edition of Popular Mechanics:
Did these ever catch on with railroads in the U.S.?"

No, though this approach was used by GN and successor BN to increase the efficiency and utilization of boxcars used for hauling grain.  The GN example is available in HO scale from Funaro (kit 3702).  After the period of this list, Burlington Northern experimented with boxcar/covered hoppers nicknamed "boppers" in the 1980s; three of these cars are in the collection of the Lake Superior Railroad museum.

The vast majority of boxcars used in grain service were plain boxcars using grain doors and seals.

Ben Hom

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