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Robert kirkham

Just in case it wasn’t entirely obvious to everyone, it should be noted that the car shown in the photo is not a boxcar, and not one of the cars with hopper bottoms.  This is most immediately evident by comparing the side sill in the close up of the car door and open hopper, and comparing it with the larger ¾ view shot of the autoboxcar.   The hopper bottom boxcars in question were very similar to the USRA single sheathed boxcars, though to higher weight capacity and with some minor differences in the underframe (probably associated with accommodating the hoppers.)   They were originally built as follows:

230000-230999 blt by NSC  

231000-232499 blt by CCF  

232500-232999 blt by ECC  

233000-233499 blt by CCF

And were all consolidated into the 230000-233499 series by 1923.  With re-building (mostly to remove the hoppers) starting in the 1930s and continuing into the 50s, re-numberings can also be traced. 


Meanwhile the auto-boxcar shown in the Popular Mechanics article was from the 500 cars in the 297000 – 297084 and 297085 – 297499 series.  These are similar to the car issued by Yarmouth, but have different ends, different underframe and different side sills.


Rob Kirkham  




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Here is a link to a brief photo article on a Canadian Pacific hopper bottom boxcar that appeared in the April 1921 edition of Popular Mechanics:


Did these ever catch on with railroads in the U.S.?


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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