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Bill Vaughn

I bought two Westerfield Bx-3 that were underweight by quite a bit.  I carefully soaked the side and underframe joint with acetone.  Q tip worked very good.  As it softened the glue I pried open the joint so it would not reglue.  Once inside added stick on weight and reglued.

Just take your time and be careful.

Bill Vaughn

On Thursday, November 2, 2017 1:48 PM, "Srrfan1401 srrfan1401@... [STMFC]" wrote:

Tim’s right check for leaks first. I’ve been driving all day. Sorry and good catch Tim 

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First inject water to find any leaks and plug them with ACC. Repeat until no more leaks.
Shake out the water and allow to dry (evaporate) for a few days.

Mix lead shot with white glue. Inject into the car body with a plastic turkey baster.
Plug hole with blob of gum or stick-um and allow plenty of time for the mixture to set.

Wash baster out immediately afterwards with water, in case this happens again.

Tim O'

3. Drill hole in underframe large enough to pour desired amount of small shot and reseal.  Shot will be loose in carbody unless you want to risk flooding some sort of agent into the car to fix it in place.

Ben Hom

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