Re: Make Your Own Decals (was Tichy Decals)

John Hagen <sprinthag@...>

Dave  North,

You need to apply a layer of V Photo Primer between the white layers if you’re using a MD-5000 or MD-5500.

If you have a MD-1000 or 1300 you should use a pass of finish between layers. And you may need to use three layers of white with the finish between all layers.

This is due to the “new” white cartridges introduced with the MD-5500. It doesn’t want to adhere to itself.

John Hagen



Ø  Re: Make Your Own Decals (was Tichy Decals)

Ø  Thu Nov 2, 2017 8:45 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

Ø  "David North" atsfsd26

Ø  David mentioned that the white cart for his laser printer does not produce a
very opaque white.

Ø  To be fair, my ALPS has the same problem (I haven't seen David's decals so I
can't compare actual opacity.

Ø  While the printer should print a white base coat then a white overlay, mine
won't (the head scratches the first print while laying down the second one).

Ø  So I print two decals and simply apply one, set it with Micro Sol, let it
dry thoroughly, then apply the second decal over the first.

Ø  For reporting marks and road numbers it works fine.

Ø  I use Tango Papa paper which is thin so I don't have a problem with the
overall thickness of the two decals.

Ø  Cheers

Ø  Dave North


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