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So a color laser is required? Count me out. I’ll stick to my ALPS.


Brian Ehni

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Home printed, white decals are a real thing. Ignore Alps, ignore Rail Graphics (which is closing in a month anyway). Go directly here:

I had a couple of sets on display at Lisle (the MDT reefer decals if anyone saw them), and full sets were handed out two weeks ago at the Carolinas RPM meet along with their "build N' Bash" Southern ventilated boxcar. The printers and ink are giving several of us good results down to 2" HO scale lettering.

If you need Duluxe, or anything complex like multi-colored heralds, contact Microscale directly. They're cost-competitive with any of the other custom decal producers. The NKPHTS just ran full-sized sheets of two-color decals for far less than $5 a sheet. (if you want good Duluxe color saturation, ask for color "DCX3").

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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I think the key to the problem was mentioned several pages of messages back... The big problem with short run printing of decals is finding a system that can print white, since most computer printers rely on the white paper showing through. ALPS printers used a ribbon that was thermally set to the decal paper, and included white for use as a backer to overprint transparent colors like red over other colors. The ALPS technology is almost history now.

The other industry that uses white printing is custom T shirts. But fabrics are printed with a thick rubberized ink that adheres to the threads in the weave. Someone stated a while back that Tichy is using a "modified fabric print head." I suspect the ink in the process is not optimist for printing decals.

Hope he gets the kinks worked out.

Dennis Storzek

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