ICC150 tanks and BLI 6k tank


With the second shipment of BLI 6k tank cars, I am trying to figure out just how prevalent ICC type 105 cars were during WWII, and specifically 6k cars.

Most tank car owner lists in the 1943 ORER do not list the ICC class - just the ARA designations.

I have searched the archives and files here, and there is lots of good information on the BLI paint schemes and dates (Thank-you!), but I can not find a fleet count for this sort of car type.

Does anyone have a rough idea? Most everything I can find (ORER entries that include ICC types - there are some), Ed's ACF book, and other posts suggests that these cars were bought in very modest quantities. Perhaps less than 1000 of them in the North American fleet during WWII?

Is there a source on tank car counts by ICC type?

Dave Evans

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