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I don't know, but their ORER entries do list the 6k cars as 100,000 pound capacity.

Unfortunately of the two Ethyl car photos in Ed's ACF book, pg 132 is of a 3k car, and pg 134 is a 6k car (EBAX 842), but it is one of Ethyl's small batch of Chlorine cars, not tetra-ethyl (which is why it lacks the Ethyl emblem on it.) But it was also rated at 100,000 pound capacity - so perhaps that photo could help?

I am not a truck expert anyway, so I would not be able to interpret such a photograph.

Ed Hawkins posted that most of the BLI cars are based on as-built documents (and I assume photos.) Perhaps someone has access to a picture of the Ethyl car prototype, or documents that specify the truck?

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Most of Ethyl cars were carrying tetra-ethyl, a VERY heavy commodity, which is probably why 6K tanks were used. I saw a lot of these still running on the WP in the 1970s, and most dated back into our period. I think they were all insulated.

Question, due to the heavy weight of this chemical, did these cars have heavier trucks and maybe other beefed up construction, or was the small gallonage enough compensate for the load.

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. . . I do have Al W's Jan '45 ORER CD with the TPI class - so that should answer my question. I notice Ethyl went from 246 cars to 342 cars in two years - most of them 6k 105A300's. . . .

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