Sunshine Models Kits for Sale

Riley Kinney

Each priced at $ 35 shipped first call parcel post. I certify all parts are intact including decals  and instructions.
Two were purchase directly by me and three from another individual who changed his modeling era and sold all his kits several years ago.  Where the original tissue is removed I will repack with paper towels and bubble wrap as necessary.

18.5 Great Northern Tongue in Groove AAR 1937 1940-50's Side facing Goat

26.3 Pennsy X-29 Modernized Creco Door, Circle Keystone

29.1 Atlanta & West Point War Emergency Boxcar

29.5 Georgia RR War Emergency Boxcar

39.2 SL-SF 160000 40' Howe Truss Boxcar Both Small Heralds

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