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John Barry

Tony Thompson and I are trying to figure out if the Santa Fe actually used different waybill forms for each of it's operating companies as implied in the Santa Fe form index.  In the three pre-1960 versions of the Form 1091, List of Blanks that I have access to, they all list the waybill forms as what the Santa Fe called Regular Forms, forms that had the different corporate entity printed at the top for legal or other reasons.  This infers that shipments originating from Missouri would use an ATSF form with the railway accounting code 22 while a shipment originating in California on the Coast Lines would be on a form headed with that company identity and accounting code 30.  Similarly, origins from Texas should be on either a P&SF or GCSF headed form.  So much for theory, the only non-livestock Santa Fe waybill that I’ve seen originated in Missouri in 1959 and was on the proper ATSF form with code 22.  Which indicates that the Santa Fe really did use at least one of the four Regular waybill forms.  But what about the others?  Tony, Eric Hiser and I are actively seeking examples of Santa Fe waybills, especially from the Coast Lines or Texas points.  I’ve written a blog post about what I’ve learned in the National Archives from a closely related form, the Bill of Lading.  You can read that post and see some examples of WWII era forms from the SP, WP and Santa Fe Coast Lines at:

For anyone who would like to contact me off list, NorthBayLines at att dot net will reach me.
Thank you in advance for looking.  I hope that some of you have examples to share.

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