Hundman's Virginian box car build

Scott H. Haycock

In the Feb., 2015 issue of Mainline Modeler, Bob Hundman presented an article with photos and drawings of the Virginian class BX-10 box car. In the next four issues, he published articles on scratchbuilding a model of this car, based on his plans.

The original article provided no research information on this series of cars, so I'm wondering if there is more information out there on these cars. I've gone through my library, and looked online, but can find nothing relevant to modeling these cars.

What I have found is that these cars are similar to the Katy SS cars offered in model from by Speedwitch. While the underframe (at least from Hundman's drawing), and the ends are completely different, the sides are a very close match, and the roof appears to be the same Standard Railway Equipment Co. "Standard Pressed Steel" roof.

So, my questions are:

Does anyone have more info on these Virginian cars?

Does anyone know of a source for drawings of this particular roof?

And, has anyone seen the 3 vertical post end on the Virginian cars anywhere else? 


Scott Haycock
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