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Don Burn

April through June 2005.

Don Burn

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Anybody know the real date of the issue these were published in? As I recall, Mainline modeler was long history by Feb. of 2015.

Most published drawings from the formative years of our hobby were done for one simple reason; a set of prototype drawings became available. Before the recent spate of large drawing collections becoming available through several museum and historical society archives, this wasn't such a common occurrence. I would suspect Hundman got his hands on the drawings when the N&W started transferring their historic drawing collection to the N&WHS.

Dennis Storzek

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I recall the article and was interested in trying the techniques, but then I looked up the car series in the 1943 ORER and was disappointed with the small quantity of these cars in-service. The October 1926 ORER lists 248.

While we all play favorites, I was disappointed that such a low quantity prototype was chosen for the MM article. Heck, the W&LE built 1000 single-sheathed box cars in their 27000-27999 series that were as interesting as the Virginian cars but more numerous. The modeling challenge would have been (and still is) the vertical corrugated steel ends.

Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN

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